In an age where malpractice threatens the lives of our community,we aim to create a safe environment by emphasizing precautions, safety, and welfare of our patients and because not all wounds are visible, we, are dedicated to healing the unseen. We do that by helping our patients overcome health challenges. We're committed to being confidential, sympathetic, and approachable in our communications and treatment


To provide consistent nurse staffing based on the medical mission and patient acuity of a facility, To meet the patient's needs, To meet requirements specified in policies and procedures and standards as provided by the, To be in compliance with professional practice

Our Staff Profile

Registered Nurse

They are on the frontline of the medical workforce, responsible for delivering hands-on patient care in various settings, including hospitals and doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, and outpatient health centers.

Trained Medical Aide (TMA)

Our trained TMAs personnel to administer medications while under the direction and supervision of a licensed registered nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Our LPN Provide basic medical and nursing and also ensure the comfort of patients e.g discuss health care with patients, and report status of patients to registered nurses and doctors

Personal Care Assistants

We have trained PCAs who can not help patients but can be involved in housekeeping duties e.g cleaning, washing clothes and dishes and running errands

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